Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

smart trees

N Biotechnology could be the next evolutionary milestone. Trees will become intelligent. These ones can warn of impending fire. Which is like giving them rape alarms. I'm sure trees have much more interesting things to say about the centuries of time they've tasted. They could let us know the best time to harvest, and where we should plant what when. They could warn us of seasonal shifts and weather changes, hydro activity and air quality. They could sing for us, or dance, tell stories from another world.
The next step after that is full scale bioengineering. It's the utopian ecotech vision: living in complete symbiosis with a natural landscape, vibrating like a sub woofer.

N How important are streetscapes in our sense of place. How do we respond to image? When does image become brand? Is this confusion or liberation? It looks like a cartoon. Is this the corresponding extreme? Complete loss of autonomy and orientation. Terror.

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