Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

antsy social behaviour

Nurbn remembers fondly the misspent childhood of summers past. A favourite pastime was inventing fiendish ways of tracking, trapping and torturing ants. Sugar was the substance of choice for leading the tiny creatures into various dangerous situations; such as towards larger insects, or under precariously balanced matchboxes. Alcohol, benzine or tabasco based potions resulted in often spectacular forms of combustion, and if they failed entire colonies could be flushed out with nothing more than boiling water. Far from being evil, this was merely a healthy fighting response to the constant gatecrashing of picnics, barbeques and birthday parties the little critters appeared to take delight in. Furthermore, as with most of the activities of questionable ethical values undertaken by small boys, it was all "in the name of science".

This is the excuse used by bigger boys who didn't get their fill when they were still wearing shorts. Actually some of them are wearing shorts, which might explain their behaviour. Nevertheless, the result is quite beautiful; the sculpture of a collective mind; a vivid visualisation of communication, of the transfer and storage of information; a synapsis. It's no coincidence that it bears striking resemblance to our own neuronal networks. As one comment states, they could probably have used radar technology to render the same results, but this is straight out of the Boys Book of Fun Science; simple, naughty, effective and a great way to get your fingers dirty after a picnic.

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